Saturday, 6 July 2013

Seminar Topics for Computer Science/ Information Science 2013

1. ICAPTCHA: The next generation of captcha designed to defend against 3rd party human attacks
2. Skinput: Appropriating the skin as an interactive canvas
3. Analysis of the handover latency components in Mobile IPv6
4. Tesla Touch: Electrovibration for touch surfaces
5. Brain tumors: An engineering perspective
6. An ant colony optimization Algorithm for Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem
7. Smart card security;technology and adoption
8. Web based tunneling
9. Driver fatigue detection using drowsy eye detection.
10. Intelligent personal assistant for time and task management
11. A medical mirror for non contact health monitoring
12. Web Testing: Tool, Challenges and Methods
13. Intel Multi-CORE processors, Quad core
14. MAgeLan- AMulti-Agent system for monitoring a hyper encyclopedia
15. Innovative way of internet voting: Secure Online Vote
16. Cloud computing and its application in the world of networking
17. Securing Bluetooth connections
18. Mobile Cloud Computing (download MCC ieee paper here)
19. 3D password: Asecure authentication
20. Virtual Keyboard
21. SQL Injection: A hazard to Web apps
22. Green Computing
23. 5G- the future network
24. Graphical password for authentication
25. Speaker Recognition
26. USB to USB data transfer without PC
27. Mobile based remote database access using web services
28. Rainbow technology decidedly Nurtures Storage Trends
29. Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Challenges and Solutions

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