Monday, 12 November 2012

Download Samarkan Font that looks like Hindi

Download the Samarkan font that looks like Hindi (that makes English look like Devanagari)

Download the Samarkan Font here

To add the downloaded font to your PC follow the steps given below:

1.Extract the downloaded folder.

2.Go to Start > Control Panel 

3.Click on Appearance and Themes(if control panel is in Category view)

4. On left top you can see Fonts under "see also"

5.Click on Fonts and copy paste the .ttf file inside that fonts folder.

6.If your Control panel is in Classic view, Click on the fonts folder directly and follow 5th step.

7. Now open office word and check for font name Samarkan.

Enjoy.. :)



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  1. Hi there! The smaller font under each word tells the actual name of the font. The "sparkling" one is called Sweet Pea font and the link is: clickable links to all of them are right under the image!