Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Send sms to any mobile in India for free from your pc or Phone

Do you want to send free sms to any Indian mobile phone.??
then the best site for it is way2sms.com.
but its a huge website that you can not open and access it in your phone browser.
so here is an option to send sms quickly with your way2sms account but without opening way2sms.!
you just need your way2sms username and password.
you can then easily open it in PC Browser or Phone browser.
just go to ullas.somee.com
you wil get the following page:


now click on "click here to send a message!"
you wil get the following page:

enter your way2sms username and password, enter the recipient's mobile number and type the text and send sms for free!!.
if you are not registered user, then just go to way2sms.com  and get registered. and then send sms here for free.!


  1. Nice Kottari :) but When we forget the recipient's mobile number . . .Its not showing the contacts :( :(

    1. in pc browser wil save the numbers. :) but not in phone :(.
      but if u are sending to particular number most of the times, den jus click on save username and password (opera mini). it wil save the recipient's number too..